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The Mission

Turnit’s mission is to create a world where people don’t have to waste years of their life in traffic jams. We want a world where people think of public transport as the logical way to go when commuting to work or traveling between cities. To achieve this, we are building the best IT solutions that the passenger transport industry has ever seen. With our solutions, the industry will be smart, efficient, and tailored to the passengers’ needs resulting in greener and hassle-free transportation. To reach our dream of digitalising the passenger transport industry, we need people like you to help us.
By joining our team, you will get the title of

System Analyst.

Your part in the mission

The System Analyst’s job is more like being an ambassador for our company. You will be working closely with our development team and clients to ensure smooth communications between them. One might even say that you are a translator between them. Translating the information received from a client into a plan of action and technical specification for the development team. Additionally, your mission is to be a hero by solving questions that occur during the development and offering ideas for future features. For the successful completion of the mission, you have the support of a team with years of experience in the industry.

Our offer

You probably already know what IT companies offer to their employees. Instead of writing here a standard text about the benefits, we will save your time reading this. In short, we will make you a great offer.