Bus & Coach

Thanks to our extensive industry knowledge, we succeeded in creating an ecosystem that caters perfectly the challenges that bus and coach sector faces. The rapid and dynamic market change created a demand for a flexible product that gives an advantage in the fierce competition of the sector. The product needs to handle the sophisticated route networks, capacity management, and other complexities of the industry.

  • Most of the time in long-distance bus industry, we are dealing with commercial transport, which is why Turnit Ride has put extra emphasis on different means of price manipulation through various marketing methods, so that the operator could market their product as flexibly as possible.
  • As the number of seats in a bus is smaller than in trains or airlines, it is possible to create high frequency and flexible route networks. Our platform Turnit Ride is capable of creating highly detailed route networks with precisely described inventory .
  • In long-distance buses, there are no standing tickets and overselling is prone to happen. Due to that, we have created an online cloud-based system, which guarantees that every seat is always accounted for.
  • Unlike in rail or airplane industries, selling different seat classes in buses might not guarantee optimal income per seat. Instead, maximum profit is gained with dynamic pricing. Turnit Ride enables real-time dynamic pricing meaning that the more seats are sold, the higher prices can get. The operator can choose how and when the price increases or decreases.