While RFID-based Turnit BiBo solutions are financially infeasible for cities to be implemented, our Bluetooth Low Energy based technology and bring-your-own-device approach makes this revolutionary technology a reality.


Turnit BiBo uses third-party payment gateways andtokenization technology for recurring payment means. This ensures that passengers’ personal payment data is encrypted and completely separated from the trip data, resulting in a fully anonymous yet secure fare collection system.


Turnit BiBo supports all types of public transportation - buses, trains, trams and metros and it can be used as a complementary validation means with already implemented ticketing platforms.

Reduced boarding time

As there is no longer the need to validate tickets manually, boarding time will be up to four times shorter. Ticket queues will also be forgotten as passengers only need their smartphone to have a valid ticket.

Fraud prevention

Fast and reliable digital validation prevents fare evasion that occurs with visual validation means. Inspectors entering the vehicle can turn on inspection mode which prohibits last-minute validation.

End-to-End Solution

We provide end-to-end systems for cities and public transportation operators that covers mobile apps for passengers, data management and reporting system with detailed information about trips. We’re able to adapt to any fare structure, station or transport mode and can scale BiBo as an interoperable transport payment system allowing passengers to use the same app everywhere.


BiBo can be modified to work as Check-In/Be-Out solution in closed ticketing systems. In cases where passengers enter from the driver’s door, they only need to click a button on their smartphone and show it to the driver. Check-out data is collected automatically after exiting the vehicle.

White Label & API & API

Turnit Bibo can offer both, white label application but also a detection library that can be easily implemented in already existing applications.