The travel technology industry is one of the toughest challenges for software engineers to tackle thanks to complex data and query structure, thousands of inter-dependent variables and massive loads on the booking engine during sales campaigns. All of this must also be accompanied by in-depth quality control as any small mistake could have a very high cost for our clients. This is why Turnit Ride must always keep up with the latest software technologies and processes, be it for the sake of scaling, robustness, automation or integrations with other systems.

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High performance architecture

Turnit Ride runs on a highly scalable and modular architecture, both from a functional and technical point of view. The entire ecosystem is built on interconnected micro-services, enabling a more robust and secure deployment of new functionalities without the need for extensive system-wide regression testing. Combining this with messaging solutions, we are confident Turnit Ride is able to sustain even the most demanding client’s expectations. By running on the latest cloud infrastructure, deployed for example to Microsoft Azure, Turnit Ride can handle thousands of simultaneous sessions using automatic scaling that assures high service quality at every load level and enables to reduce costs during low peak times.

API integrations

Turnit Ride can be easily integrated with any external system by using web services (SOAP, REST), file-based integration (e.g. XML or CSV files via FTP), database level integration, etc. We can either provide an already-existing REST API that covers the whole sales process or modify/develop a specific API necessary for clients.

Ticket validator

The objective of the project is to develop an integrated ticket management solution that will be offered as an all-inclusive package of software and hardware to small city municipalities and county line operators. These operators will especially benefit from the integrated solution as they would be able to cater to both segments through the same back-end system.

In co-operation with BMS Technologija we are creating an Android-based on-board sales and check-in terminal, radio frequency identification validator and inspection device.

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