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Providing passengers with adequate information about schedules and service interruptions is a critical task to fulfill. Considering a plethora of information channels available today, it’s important to follow standardized and reliable methods and technologies.

Real-time passenger information

Turnit Ride supports real-time passenger information (RTPI) functionality which is enabled if operator’s vehicles are equipped with either Turnit Ride on-board sales application or a separate GPS tracking device which feed can be used. Based on the GPS feed, operators can:

  • Publish exact position of any vehicle on map, either within- or outside of Turnit Ride platform
  • Show delay or advance of specific vehicle compared to corresponding schedule

SMS and e-mail notifications

Turnit Ride allows operators to configure what content and by which means will be sent as notifications to passengers. Triggering of notifications about delays or rebooking is possible both manually and automatically, using pre-defined notification templates that are filled with passenger-specific data.

Information displays

As passenger information displays can be handled either by internal or external parties, Turnit Ride provides operators with two options:

  • Set up and configure HTML-based web pages which can be displayed on full screen mode on any chosen display
  • Configure a GTFS feed for external information system providers and displays