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No passenger transport service provider can be successful without a neat and efficient operations handling. Turnit Ride is constantly evolving in order to enrich our sales-oriented ecosystem with easy-to-use and tightly integrated operational tools. Be it a last-minute fleet change, disruption en-route or need to increase seat capacity with additional vehicles, Turnit Ride can handle these situations with real-time impact on sales, inventory and other parts of business cycle.


To notify passengers about changes to their journey, those changes need to be registered in the system. Turnit Ride includes an operations dashboard, allowing to:
  • Quickly open, close or modify trips, including route information, stops or segments (in case of accidents, etc). Changes will have results in sales system in real time

  • Specify if the trip is delayed or ahead of the schedule starting from a certain stop along the route (this information can also be configured based on GPS tracking)

  • Monitor load factor of departures and create alerts with custom occupancy thresholds.

  • Filter out problematic tickets that are related to corresponding dispatching actions (departure time, brand change, cancellation, etc).

  • Reallocate those passengers affected by the disruptions to other departures and send customers notifications about such changes.

Asset management

As a logical extension to fleet profile, Turnit Ride has the capability to keep a registry of vehicles belonging under those profiles. This creates a possibility to integrate with external resource planning tools in order to import already planned duty rosters for both, fleet and crew into Turnit Ride platform, where they will be automatically assigned to dedicated trips. After this it is already easier to make operational last-minute changes to rosters in Turnit Ride operational dashboard.

Crew management

Turnit Ride can also keep a registry of the crew (drivers, stewardesses etc.) who are operating the logistical network and vehicles. Every driver who starts selling with the on-board terminal is thereby automatically assigned to a specific trip and duty. Crew registry includes information about:

  • Documentation concerning the crew (drivers licenses, work permits, etc)
  • Units where crew members belong to
  • Absence/leave information and reason
  • Driver log-in, duty and activity log


Turnit Ride’s philosophy towards reporting is driven by two principles:

  1. Platform’s own reporting environment includes standardized reports targeted for daily users regarding their commonly reported activities (daily sales reports, operational reports etc).
  2. For clients who require more analytical, business intelligence driven reporting, Turnit Ride provides a database view to a well-structured data cube with which any chosen BI analytics tool (like QlikView, Power BI, Tableau etc) can be integrated