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An intuitive drag-and-drop UI to configure the vehicle layouts, seat properties and on-board amenities. Simple operations to manage fleet and capacity in real-time.

Inventory management

Because Turnit Ride is a centralized online sales platform, we can give operators full control on how to define and describe their seat inventory. It is done by defining fleet profiles with specific configuration, size, layout, etc. and assigning them to actual logistics network. As the system is modular, it is possible to extend and configure any part of the inventory management module to include new features, depending on the requirements.

Fleet profiles

Fleet profiling feature is used to group vehicles or rolling stock with similar features under one profile so that they can be assigned to specific trips and taken as a basis of inventory calculation. Main features for fleet definition are:
  • Seat allocation map – visual floor plans of passenger area, indicating seat positions, direction, numbers, classes (e.g. regular class/business class), locations of electrical sockets, toilets, tables, etc.

  • A number of seats available for sale – Based on this information, it is possible to set the total availability of seats per bus. Should the dispatcher switch from one bus to another, the inventory configuration and availability will be automatically adjusted in the sales channels.

  • Available properties – Can be used to describe any kind of properties (Toilet, Wi-Fi, A/C, Multimedia, etc).

  • Single- or double-decker – floorplans for double-decker can vary accordingly.

  • Seat ranking – to allow popular or unpopular seats to be priced according to demand


Capacity management

The capacity that has been defined in fleet profiles can be assigned and modified on the actual route network and schedules. Every line template has the ability to assign a fleet profile for specific service and based on that, trips will be generated with corresponding inventory properties (seat layout and amount etc.).
Turnit Ride also provides a simple and intuitive tool to limit available capacity per O/D. This can be useful for example to maximize seat capacity on long stretches and limit it on short distances in order to yield revenue per trip. Pre-set capacity limits can be easily overriden or re-set on trip level using operational dispatching tool.