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Times, when passenger transport was only about taking passengers from point A to B, are long gone. To attract passengers and grow a business, one needs to target right messages and products to the right audience. Combination of attractive marketing messages, loyalty schemes and smart discounts has brought great results to Turnit Ride clients and it’s our everlasting goal to improve on this field.

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Discount schemes

To enable flexibility in managing discount products and marketing activities, Turnit Ride includes two types of discount schemes:

Basic discount – Discounts that depend on the characteristics of passengers, e.g. the passenger is less than seven years old, the passenger is an elderly person, etc.

  • Special discount – Discounts that depend on the characteristics of the shopping basket, for example:
    • Number of tickets purchased
    • Combination of ticket types (family discount, blind persons accompanist, etc)
    • Purchase time
    • Campaign code or loyalty scheme is being used (see Loyalty)
    • Sales channel being used to buy the ticket
    • Targeted discount for specific line, trip, leg or O/D

All the discount types can be combined or added on top of each other, for example, an elderly person’s discount will give -40% + night sales discount -15% => total -55% discount.

Campaigns & re-marketing

Two types of campaigns can be managed in Turnit Ride:
  • Public campaigns – Campaigns with public campaign codes. Same codes can be used during the entire campaign period. Used for example in social networks or media channels

  • Targeted (re-marketing) campaigns – Campaigns with unique campaign codes. Codes can be sent to the customer via e-mail, SMS or other means.

    • The target group can be filtered from existing transaction database by using various parameters (departure bus stop, destination bus stop, the time period of travelling, number of trips traveled, etc.).
    • One code can be limited to certain campaign period
    • Codes can also be extracted to excel file to be used in print/SMS/external CRM modules, etc
  • Using the campaign codes during the sales process grants a discount in according with the discount scheme the campaign is related to. In both cases, the operator can create targeted offers and discounts to retain loyal customers or to convince one-time passengers to use the services again by for example offering a special discount for the next trip if the customer books within the next 3 months.


It is possible to create and sell vouchers that have a unique code and can be used to pay for services within the Turnit Ride platform. Additionally one can set up a conversion rate that defines, how much virtual travel money a voucher allows to be used. For example, it is possible to create a voucher worth of €30 with a selling fare of €10.

Loyalty programs

The system allows operators to design their custom loyalty programs and levels (silver, gold platinum, etc) based on:

  • Miles gathered
  • Amount of trips traveled
  • Loyalty programs can be tied to special discount schemes and refunding rules (e.g. silver = 10% discount and 50% cancellation/refund fee, etc)

It’s also possible to integrate with external loyalty programs (airline, retail, etc) to gather or spend gathered loyalty points.

CRM tools

Building a loyal customer base and maintaining a healthy relationship with clients is a priority any passenger transport operator must acknowledge. Thus, logically it is in our focus to offer operators tools to handle both corporate and private client’s travel-related content and relations in the same system where actual sales process occurs. It also allows a more natural way to integrate with specific CRM tools without the need to build sales-specific business logic into those systems.

Corporate clients

Corporate clients are mainly organizations whose employees travel often and need an easy and comfortable way for purchasing tickets. To organize corporate client’s purchase agreements, Turnit Ride includes a corporate client management module, allowing:

  • Setting up credit or prepayment agreements and limits
  • Assigning a specific discount scheme to allow automatic discount when buying tickets
  • Contract and account-based authentication (username and password), which enables purchases from webshop or ticket vending machines
  • Configuration of invoicing (consolidation rules for bought tickets, interval, etc)
  • Managing of users and their specific credit line, cards, and limitations
  • Limiting corporate client rights to certain services, weekdays and number of rides

When a corporate client logs into the corporate client environment, they can:

  • View, cancel, modify and reprint their tickets
  • Manage their users and purchase rights
  • See reports about employers trips and invoices
Private clients

Private clients are managed in the system mainly for loyalty and self-service purposes. They can identify themselves as loyal customers either by using existing ticket medium (RFID tags, QR codes, etc) in physical sales channels (on-board, ticket office, etc) or by username and password, Facebook, Google or other OAuth tokens in virtual sales channels (web, mobile). Private clients can:

  • Register account-based pre-payment methods for swift ticket purchase
  • Gain and use personally assigned vouchers
  • Get an overview of the collected points or kilometers
  • Modify or refund tickets, etc.