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A Modern Reservation System for Bus and Rail

Turnit Ride is a cloud-based reservation and ticketing management system that enables passenger transport operators to drive and steer their sales using any of their chosen sales strategies. Fusing sales, inventory management, and operations into one centralized ecosystem brings clarity and streamlines business processes. The system is being developed in close co-operation with top-tier operators and industry evangelists and is constantly evolving for the benefit of all clients.

Turnit Ride uses the latest software technology principles, resulting in highly scalable and modular architecture. Our micro-services based booking engine and caching technology sustains high loads of booking requests during peak sales campaigns or traffic disruptions. Modular architecture also means faster deployment of new functionalities without compromising quality and business performance.

Modular architecture

Front end

  • Web and mobile sales

    Web and mobile sales

  • On-board sales

    On-board sales

  • Agent portal

    Agent portal

  • Real time info displays

    Real time info displays

  • Vending machines

    Vending machines

  • GDS & OTA distribution

    GDS & OTA distribution

Back end

  • Schedules


  • Pricing


  • Inventory


  • Marketing


  • Tickets


  • CRM


  • Contracts


  • Asset management

    Asset management

  • Add-ons


  • Dispatching


  • Notifications


  • Reporting



  • ERP


  • 3rd party services

    3rd party services

  • Payments channels

    Payments channels

  • Resource planning

    Resource planning

  • BI Tools

    BI Tools

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Turnit Ride’s goal has always been to allow passenger transport operators boost their sales and marketing capabilities. It boasts a state of the art dynamic fares and marketing engine, allowing revenue managers to utilize available resources efficiently, and maximize seat occupation and profitability.

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  • Sales Channels

  • Fare management

  • Cancellations, refunding and modifications

  • Ancillary revenue services

What our clients say about Ride

Six months after implementing Turnit Ride, we increased our revenue per km by more than 5%, and five years later we achieved market-leading position in the Baltic region.

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Paul-Kristjan Lilje

Chief Customer Officer, Lux Express

Paul-Kristjan Lilje

Our drivers are happy with the user-friendliness and the new implemented on-board solution. With the existing and coming functionality, our drivers can offer better client service for our passengers.

Line Gry Lombnes

CIO and Business Developer, Nettbuss

Line Gry Lombnes

Customer experience is key for our business, that's why we invest in solutions and partnerships which can help us deliver best-in-class experiences for our passengers.

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Hugo Roncal

CEO Eurolines, Transdev

Hugo Roncal


Inventory management

Because Turnit Ride is a centralized online sales platform, we can give operators full control on how to define and describe their seat inventory. It is done by defining fleet profiles with a specific configuration, size, layout, etc and assigning them to actual logistics network. As the system is modular, it is possible to extend and configure any part of the inventory management module to include new features, depending on the requirements.

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Turnit Ride runs on a highly scalable and modular architecture, both from the functional and technical point of view. The platform is built on interconnected micro-services, enabling a more robust and secure deployment of new functionalities without a need for extensive system-wide regression testing.

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