Maximize yield and streamline your business processes with Turnit Ride reservation system

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A robust package tailored to the essential needs of a modern passenger transport operator Price: Initial setup: 1 monthly fee Monthly fee: 1-2% of ticket revenue* *Depends on the volume of transactions

Sales Channels
  • B2C sales - white-label booking engine or REST API for building own webshop
  • B2B sales - agent portal with limited number of sales points and only internal use
  • On-board driver app - check-in functionality only (hardware not included)
  • Basic ticket types - customer groups (i.e. adult, child, senior etc.)
  • Seat category - 1 category
  • Service fees
Pricing Options
  • Fixed pricing
Inventory & Assets
  • Seat plans - seat count only
  • Fleet properties
Operational Management
  • Capacity limits - fixed seat count across entire trip
  • Reporting - most used reports available and exportable as raw data
  • Ticket delivery by email only
General Settings
  • Geographic boundaries (cities, counties, states)
  • Languages - back-office: English and Spanish; B2B: 17 languages; B2C white-label engine: English
  • Currencies - single client defined
  • One payment option - selected by Turnit
  • Support - first response within 30 minutes during 9am – 5pm in GMT+2
  • Subject to severity, solving of the requests will be handled based on Time & Material
System Performance
  • Requests per second - 1 request per second
  • Number of stops per line - up to 50
  • Number of internal agents - up to 20
  • Number of aggregators - Turnit's existing network

Upgrade Packages

A selection of upgrade packages to enable effortless management of a demanding business

Includes All Essential Features

Upgrade the Essential package with:
  • Refund my voucher
  • B2B sales - internal and agent; desk check-in
  • B2C sales - ticket modification and cancellation
  • Check-in and sales with on-board driver app (with Turnit certified device)
  • Ticket delivery by email and SMS (cost are not included)
  • Multiple currencies
  • Travel money and vouchers tied to a loyalty program
  • System load factor- up to 10 queries per second
  • *only available with CRM & Loyalty package
  • Seat category - Economy and Business
  • Seat plan, categories and ranks
  • Capacity management - custom limitation per origin/destination
  • *only available with Pricing package
  • Multileg connections
  • Route on bus level
  • Route templates
  • Forbidden route
  • Holidays
  • Operational dashboard
  • Passenger move
  • Trip mass change
  • Problematic transactions
  • Compensation by voucher
  • Passenger issue report
  • Automatic SMS (cost are not included) and email notifications
  • GPS tracking and RTPI notifications
  • *only available with Operations package
  • Personal space to manage reservations
  • Collecting travel points and miles
  • Corporate client accounts and billing
  • *only available with Sales package
  • Behaviour-based discount schemes
  • Unique and generic campaign codes
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Channel-based pricing
  • Pricing override
  • Corridor-based pricing
  • Network pricing
  • Ancillary products and services
  • Period and serial tickets
  • Gift card
  • Integration with BI tools
  • Custom integration with external systems (i.e. accounting, etc.)
  • Client-specific languages
  • System load factor - client specified